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Runnning Room

Welcome to the Running Room Giving site!!

Let us support you in your charitable endeavours.

Our Giving site consists of four main areas:

  1. If you are searching for an athlete to sponsor, click on Pledge An Athlete.
  2. To donate directly to a charity, click on Donate To A Charity.
  3. Create your own personal home page to support your favourite charitable cause. Click on Raise Funds to begin!
  4. There are many events that raise funds for a charitable cause. Click on Join A Sponsorship Event to register for an event or race that is affiliated with a charity.

Main Areas

John Stanton

Pledge An Athlete

Looking to sponsor someone? Search for your athlete by entering their name or email address and clicking "Search".

New Balance

Donate To A Charity

Not participating in a charitable event or sponsoring an athlete but wishing to donate? Enter here to securely submit a donation directly to a favourite charity.
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New Balance

Raise Funds

Supporting a charity has never been easier. Click here to view or create a personal home page to raise funds for your favourite charity, email your family and friends with donation requests, track your donation goal and much more...
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New Balance

Join A Sponsorship Event

Many of our events are already affiliated with a charity. Register for one of them to both enjoy an event and donate or raise funds in support of the event's charity.
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